Many areas in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are severely impoverished and lack access to basic items such as medical supplies, educational material and food. Villages rely on prayer for medical aid and many people are suffering and dying from medical conditions that are easily treatable. In a lot of areas the nearest medical assistance is several days travel by foot through the jungle or by river, schools are non-existent and children have no reading/writing material or recreational equipment.

Providers for Papua (PFP) are focused on helping to improve the livelihoods of people within remote villages in PNG through provision of financial support to organisations working toward this goal. Organisations we support are selected based on the their vision, the objectives of their work and their focus on sustainable solutions and community participation and development.


Greg has been working in PNG since 2010 with a focus on social and environmental issues and has developed a strong affiliation with the endearing people, fascinating culture and captivating wilderness of the nation. In contrast, many of PNG’s environmental wonders are under threat and some communities, particularly those that are remotely located, are severely impoverished. During his time in PNG Greg has witnessed the hardship and struggle of certain remote communities, and the unnecessary suffering they endure. Consequently, Greg founded PFP with the vision of improving the livelihoods of such communities through support and empowering them to develop sustainable solutions.